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Danielle's Other Online Journal

Official Journal of the Super Secret Undercover Jedi Detector

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WARNING: This LiveJournal contains some material that is not suitable for younger audiences. This could include anything from my swearing to posting adult pictures. If you are not of the age of consent in your area, not mature enough to handle such themes, or do not like these sorts of posts, stay away!

You could simply skip over these posts, because not every entry is "adult." The entries in question are both Friends Locked and Public. You will also find adult and/or controversial items on this very info page, either as a link or directly posted. Scroll with caution, and enjoy my Bio and numerous offerings below.


I spend my free time writing, reading fiction, surfing the Internet, etc. I tend to be pleasant, unless I'm upset about something. Then, I rant and angst like nobody's business. I really hate jerks who are jerks for no reason, and am quick to rant about them. (Big surprise there. : D ) Feel free to send me constructive feedback on the stories and entries have posted here.

I am a Harry Potter fan, so I tend to go on about HP stuff at times. I'm also nuts about the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, Final Fantasy VII, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Veronica Mars, and several other fandoms as well. Basically, I fangirl here. Not all of the time, but I do use this journal to be comfortable and silly.

I do write fan fiction. Most of what I create is posted in this journal. The fan fiction currently available are for the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Underworld/Underworld:Evolution, Lord of the Rings, Smallville, and Final Fantasy VII. However, I could branch out to something else at anytime. Fiction stories are clearly marked FIC: in the title, and can be found under that same name in the Memories section.

On Friending: Naturally, something about my friending policy should be here. If I have suddenly friended you with or without leaving you a note as to why I have done so, this is why:

  • I loved your fic.

  • - or -
  • I loved your artwork.

  • - or -
  • I liked your LJ.

  • - or -
  • We have mutual friends and/or Interests in common.

  • If I have unfriended you, one or more of the following reasons are to blame:

  • You never posted in your LJ.

  • You never responded back to the comments I left for you.

  • There was some sort of disagreement between us.

  • I didn't like the content of your LiveJournal. Either it continuously offended me or I found it boring.

  • I was simply clearing out the names of people I hadn't spoken to in ages.

  • I used to friend everyone who friended me back. The way I saw it, the more the merrier. But recently, I have pretty much moved over to InsaneJournal and really can't do the split friends list very well. Also, I seem to get spammers trying to sale me bombs and so forth, so I'm not so quick with the friending these days. If you want to be added so that you can read my flocked entries, just drop me a comment.

    I also don't comment as frequently as I once did, because my friends list has grown quite large. I am including all of the communities in that statement. There is also the matter of the amount of time I have to spend on this site. When I do get the chance, I try to make an effort to comment on things that I read.

    If you aren't afraid of the occasional controversial entry or two that makes its way over from my real journal (meaning, not my fandom journal), then friend away. If you're only here to spam, be wanky, or cause me trouble, here's the door.

    Of Icon Usage:

    My silverchair icon was made specially for me by elanor_isolda, so I ask that no one use the icon. Also, my Fandom Supporter icon was made by me for me, so I ask that no one snag that one as well. The Naked Pig Wrestling icon was made specially for myself and shinatobe's use, so no grabsies on that one as well. The others are pretty much free for borrowing, as long as they are properly credited. Do let me know if you are going to use one of the icons that I personally made (all labeled "by me"). I don't like seeing them pop up out of nowhere, because I have enough shocks to my system on a daily basis. ; )

    You're loyal and hard-working, no doubt, and that
    puts you, my friend, in HUFFLEPUFF! Cedric
    Diggory, Professor Sprout, and Susan Bones are
    all admirable Hufflepuffs.

    Which Hogwarts house are you in? (Harry Potter)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    And damned proud of it!!!

    Hufflepuff means never getting caught

    { wear }


      Notes: Most of the non-fandom entries cannot be viewed unless you are friended. Simply leave a comment in my journal on a public entry saying that you want to be friended. However, it does help if we actually have something in common.

    I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
    (Then get your friends to!)

    Anakin + Padmé <3

    Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is angsty love <3

    Natalie Portman is love <3

    Made by: featherxquill

    Chase Young x Jack Spicer is EVIL love

    Since I was tired of my Info Page being stretched out,
    you can now find my larger colorbars here.

    Alternate Journals:

  • Small font denotes an inactive journal.

  • dm1985_photos - my photograph journal

    funkybluejedi - my Star Wars roleplaying journal for emergentdark

    Communities I Maintain:

    truly_absurd - my community for things I find absolutely absurd, and need to be ranted/talked about or just prodded and pointed out.

    postfromthedark - my community to post AU and Canon postcards from and to various Star Wars characters.

    chase_omi - the first, and only, Chase Young/Omi lovers' community on LiveJournal. Art, stories, and musings are all welcome there. See Community Info further details.

    chase_jack - the first, and only, Chase Young/Jack Spicer supporters' community on LiveJournal. Like it's sister community, art, stories, and musings are welcome there. See the Community Info for all guidelines and community tips.

    uw_fanfic - an Underworld and Underworld: Evolution community that allows the posting of fiction of all genres, kinks, and squicks. See Community Info for details.

    uw_art - an art community for the artist of the Underworld/Underworld: Evolution fandom.

    guidedaxe - a community for the Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges pairing from the novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Communities I Moderate:

    the_pimp_cane - a fantastic Harry Potter community that let's you post whatever you like as long as there is some type of warning. Perviness is encouraged. You must first submit an age of consent disclaimer before becoming a member. See the Info Page for further details.

    xiaolinicons - an icon community for the Xiaolin Showdown fandom.

    Fic Searches and Lists:

    I am still searching for excellent Viktor Krum stories (Slash! I am in dire need of it!!), but you can find my current donated collection HERE.

    I am looking to find fics that feature my rather unloved pairings (Charlie Weasley/Viktor Krum, Igor Karkaroff/Viktor Krum, Draco Malfoy/Neville Longbottom, Gregory Goyle/Draco Malfoy (dominate Draco), Lucian/Kraven (from "Underworld") - HERE.

    Blog Crews:

    All in one go!

    Mood Themes:

    Marilyn Monroe - echoism

    Promotion Buttons and Links:

    Support Buttons (Mostly HP Devo Siggys):



    Yay!  I didn't see this coming, but woo hoo!!!

    Challenge Image Links:

    12 grimmauld place, aayla secura, abery, abraham lincoln, abraham lincoln vampire hunter, abraham lincoln/henry sturges, abraham lincoln: vampire hunter, alan cumming, alanis morissette, america's next top model, artwork, astrology, astronomy, badasses, baking, beauty and the geek, being sometimes ridiculously silly, black family tree, blue october, books, boxes, breaking benjamin, buttons, cds, charlie's angels movies, charmed, chase young, chase young/jack spicer, chase young/omi, concerts, confidence the movie, cooking, crazy people, dementors, dojo the dragon, dragon soup, drew barrymore, edwin mccain, etc., evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fate, flash, flowers, garbage, gardening, ginny weasley, gong yi tan pai, gong yi tem pai, grand master dashi, great expectations, hackers, hagrid, haldir, hanson, harry potter, hating harry/character not books, hating snarry, henry sturges, hermione granger, hermione granger/severus snape, hogwarts, html, icons, internet, java, jimmy neutron, journaling, journalism, kiss me kate, kisses, kit fisto, laughter, let's go. xiaolin showdown!, lex luthor, libraries, lightsabers are sexy, linkin park, listening to music, lj communities, ljmaps_dmitchell1985, lord of the rings, lord voldemort, lotion, love, lucius malfoy with cane, magick, master fung, message board etiquette, michael rosenbaum, movies, my toaster fetish, myself, nature, neopets, neville longbottom, no doubt, norah jones, novellas, novels, nymphadora tonks, omi-cat, parks, percy weasley, peter searcy, pinup girls, poetry, politics, professor dumbledore, professor mcgonagall, rain, reading, remus lupin, richard roxburgh, road trips, ronald weasley, sarah mclachlan, severus snape, shen gong wu, sheryl crow, silverchair, sirius black, slash, smallville, spending sprees, star gazer/jack horkheimer, star wars, stargazing, stars, stephanie swift, sun signs, the days, the iron giant, the malfoys, the matrix trilogy, the moffatts, the moon, van helsing, veronica mars, weasley twins, web pages, weekend at benie's, weekend at bernie's two, weird habits, writing, xiaolin showdown, xiaolin showdowns, yahoo groups,

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