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El Jay, you tricky monkey!

So there I was, minding my own business and discreetly surfing my Friends' Page, when LJ nearly convinced me to come back by using lemurs! Even though I know that those user gifts are bad, because they track your online browsing, those darned lemurs are so freaking cute.

Goddess help me.

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Star Trek Halloween... Finally!!!!!!

I finally went out to snag a Halloween costume and what should I stumble upon? Trek costumes, of course. And... Michael Jackson, but this post isn't about him or vampires or race car drivers or any of that other stuff I didn't take pictures of.

It's about Trek and our local contributions to starting the little ones on their lifetime journey of loving ST.

<-- Is this your kid??? It should be!

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Damn Not Given

Love you not, LJ.

Today is the final day that my Extra Icons feature will be active. Had the last year of LJ's stupidity not occurred, I would never have come this close to letting my extra icons lapse. As it were, they went apeshit and I went to InsaneJournal, whose paid accounts receive more icons by default than I receive from Extra Icons and "Loyalty Icons" combined.

113 icons spaces.

That's all the room I have to display some of the best, funniest, most interesting, and kickass artwork to be summed up in 100x100 pixels of whoa!.

When you only have six, formally three, icon spaces to work with on a free account, it seems like all the room in the world. Sadly it isn't and even IJ's 250 default icon spaces will eventually be filled up if I stay on their site for three+ years, too.

It kind of makes me sad to have a faraway deadline suddenly in my face. I put off transferring all of my icons over to IJ, because it's tedious work. Anyone who's changed journals could tell you so. Then, there was the not-even-believed-by-me dual-journal thing I was working with. To be completely honest, I hardly ever come by unless I’ve heard on IJ that something interesting had happened, I get an email about a news update and want to see what new shitstorm LJ is attempting to kick up, chase_jack needs an entry approved, or if I want to occasionally check on something. That's pretty much it.

I didn't want to delete this account, because I have had it three+ years and it was paid up until this year. I also didn't want to waste my money by deleting an account I had plunked down hard-earned money to maintain.

An extremely dramatic and corny part of me can't help but mentally compare this to watching a slow death. You know, how it's said that one sense goes first and then another and another until there's nothing left but darkness and a flat line. That's definitely how this comes across. The Paid status goes out at the beginning of next week. I do have to wonder if LJ somehow went back to the way it was, would I get my loyalty icons from my previous paid time back? I mean, it's only fair, because I was loyally paying to continue using the better features all of that time; and would have gladly continued to do so if LJ hadn't lost their shit.

I'm guessing not, because New LJ's all about money and I'm pretty sure that they will simply say that more "Loyalty" spots would have to be earned. This is just as well, because loyalty to a company has to be earned from its user base. Looking at things now, I see LJ not only not being able to completely pulling it off, but not giving a damn to do so. That, makes me saddest of all.

I just need to go double check that I have back ups for the pictures I have stored in LJ's laughable Scrapbook before my account expires. If I can avoid having to manually transfer anything else over, I will.

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Holiday Card Rollcall!

So, I've been meaning to come and ask this for a while now, but I've had very little time online as of late.


I'm asking now.

Would anyone like to receive a holiday card from me? If so, leave your info in the comments of this entry. All comments are screened, so your info won't be outed. If that still makes you uncomfortable, you can email me at betagirl23 at yahoo dot com.

Do let me know if you want my info in return.

Also, I still have my address list from last year that I am going to work from. If you received a card from me last year and your information has changed, please let me know so that I don't send a card to the wrong address.


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Drabble Time, folks!

From: pegasus_01

The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble of their choosing from me. In return, they HAVE to post this in their journal. The rule is, don't ask unless you plan to pass it on! I reserve the right to request a different prompt, but name your fandom (or don't) and a phrase, situation, title...

Areas I can, for the most part, easily write:

Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Final Fantasy VII
Star Wars (-ish. I might need to look up who you're talking about, because it's so HUGE.)
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Underworld (both movies)
Kingdom Hearts (I and II. Haven't played Chain of Memories, yet.)
Real Person Slash (if I know who they are.)
Real Person Fiction (if I know who they are.)
Original Fiction

Anything else and I might have to look it up. All pairings are welcome and I'll even give your kinks a go as well. Just give me a word or idea to start with.

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Holiday Wish List 2007!

Well, since I came over to crosspost this to the sister community, I figured that I might as well stick this here as well.

I did the holiday wish list again this year. It's located here over on InsaneJournal. The details and wishes are all on that post.

If you have your own wish list post up and I missed them, feel free to drop me a link here.

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FIC: Take My Hand, Friend, and Come With Me [PG (1/1 :: Officially)]

All right. I know that I don't fiction directly in my LJ anymore, because my IJ has taken its place and I post in my comms, but I'm not a member of any Rodney/John comms, so I posted where I could. : )


ETA: Pfft! I forgot to add a summary for this fic. It's been a while and I had to absolutely rush to get this up. I thought I'd add that now. Hee.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Take My Hand, Friend, and Come With Me
Author: dmitchell1985
Rating: PG - for all of the swearing
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
Warnings: None, really.
Disclaimer: I don't own these dudes.
Spoilers: Uhrm. Nothing major or current.
Word Count: 2,407
Summary: “Rodney snorted and asked how often these things could go wrong, because it really was mathematically impossible for things to go wrong a hundred percent of the time.”
Author’s Notes: Collapse )


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