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And we're hypocritically together ever after!

Note: Crossposted directly from my IJ

So, I've been thinking about this today and last night about fandom's latest obsession with racism and how it is Evil. (Capital 'e' and everything.) But then I got to thinking about just how hypocritical fandom is at the same time and I had to wonder why do we even take up these causes?

Sometimes it seems like we're emulating everyone's favorite celebrities that pick up a cause to support simply because it's en vogue. This is not to say that there aren't some genuine folks out there, but I find that it sort of burns my biscuit (American biscuit > bun > my buns > my behind) when I see all of these people who've never experienced the type of racism they are speaking so passionately against.

I mean, how would someone who's never been passed over in line for a white person know how that person of color actually feels? Sure, you can guess at it, but that doesn't mean you really understand. And it's not just the whole Nameless Person of Color-Nameless White Person angle either. We can go the Indian caste system route of discussion.

Most of us are familiar with the Untouchables and can guess at what their existence must be like, but I myself will never know what it is to be at the absolute bottom of Society's ladder. This isn't to say that I am Up There, but I can at least walk into most places of business and be served or not have people feel the need to cleanse themselves after coming into contact with me. And of course, I am referring to a wider scale of folk, because I am sure there are some people who would feel this way about me.

So when the issue of all of this touting of Understanding and Acceptance comes up, what weight does it really hold? For a stretch there, everyone seemed to be all over this racism business, but would cry bloody murder if someone ever nudged them to say that something they may have said or written was offensive. Where is the ability to step back and write reflective meta then; when a situation that truly calls for sincere thought has arrived? Where is the moment where the person doesn't simply jump to the defensive and have all of their fangirls swoop in and attack?

From what I've seen thus far, this moment is still being anticipated. At least by me.

So far, on the one occasion where I did have something truly offensive come up in fiction, all I got back basically boiled down to was: "OMG! Leave my friend alone, because we totally aren't racist! And, that was funny!"

Was that what was said exactly? No? But did the comments basically amount to that? Yes.

I wrote one opinion and I stressed that opinions are going to differ. The conversations gained some heat, but I don't remember them exploding into a super nova of wank. Not that I am trying to prod it into such months later. No, I'm finally putting down the thoughts I had when I saw all of that Blog Against Racism flooding my friends lists.

And don't get me wrong, I definitely think that that was the right idea, but we do have to ask ourselves, are we truly being faithful to the swill we're dishing out? Or, are we simply writing about a so-called "hot button" issue to gain fandom notoriety? After all, we all know that the fastest ways to gain popularity in fandom are the following: write something controversial and have it circulate, write Great! pr0n featuring the fandom's top OTP, be completely wanktastic in every single way.

You could also be nice and just make a general contribution to fandom and that'll gain you many a pal, but I said the fastest ways, not the most sane and reliable ones.

So, after all of my babble, I have to wonder in this complex world of relationships that can depend on the balance of "OMG! You post too much boring crap in your journal! *defriends*" and "You write the bestest pr0n eva’! *friends*", how much sincerity really exists out there. I know that it's out there on the web and at those wonderful conventions I always read about, but there is a whole load of fake folks moving within these same circles.

I myself have run into various people that play the part of friend just long enough until they qualify as a BNF and run off to be embraced solely by their fangirls. And no, this is not the cue for anyone to start yet another BNF wank. That's next week, dammit. You've got to leave us something to do. All the while they were filled with "I love you"s and *hugs* and *glomps* aplenty, they were more concerned about how many comments their fics got and pouting about the instances when they didn't receive enough comments to satisfy their growing egos.

Truth be told, I hardly ever receive comments on my fiction. Am I bothered enough by this to write entries about not getting reviews? No. Will I celebrate a pat on the back? Of course! But I don't make a big deal about feedback not being everything and then not following through on not throwing a hissy fit when I don't receive any. So when I see the same things happening with circles that supposedly celebrate differences, be they of opinions or skin color, backtrack on their haughty sermons, I end up disappointed and a little sad that some people will never get it.

And most of all, I find myself wanting to see more people of color actually writing posts about racism and how it has effected them. I love those posts, because I can connect with everything they've said. They actually have an insider's view, like myself, and know what they're talking about, instead of spouting naïve ideals about the way the world really should be.

I know that The Angry Black Woman has written wonderful posts that I nod along with all the way through. Hell, I found one of my favorite Jalabert posts last year (I think) and agreed wholeheartedly. (Her post from this year is excellent and true as well!)

At this point, I usually sigh to myself and move on, because what's the point? Those same people blogging away will simply jump down my throat the moment I tap them and inform them of incorrect information. After all, a person will do what they want, no matter what is said or done to them; since, nothing and no one can tell a person who is convinced that they are right any different.

That thought right there makes me kind of sad.

I need to crosspost this to LJ.


Started: 1:09 P.M.

ETA: Apparently, I wasn't clear enough in my post, because I was going with the train of thought in my head, instead of thinking about how everything would be interpretted by someone else.

I should have said that the Blog Against Racism isn't where I saw the majority of the fakeness that got me thinking. It was just what reminded me of the huge SGA race wank a while back. The blogging just happened to come along, too, which definitely made me think that it was just going to be more of the posts I read.

I really should go add this edit to my IJ post.
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