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08:59 am, Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 - spn_reversebang Pimping Post
Amelia Hunting

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There definitely needs to be more artists. I've seen way more authors signing up so far.
02:54 am, Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 - MMoM 2012 Master List
Amelia Hunting
I wanted to do an entry where I linked to all of my MMoM 2012 fics all in one place. So, this is it. :) I didn’t finish all of the days, nor did I finish writing all of the fics I had planned/begun writing, but I’m still slightly proud of myself. This is the most creative writing I’ve done in two long years.

Please note that 12/13 fics are clearly marked as NC-17. The other is just under enough to slide by.

Original Fiction:

  • Perform for Me

  • The Best Defense is a Good Offense

  • It’s Just You and Me

  • The A-Team (2010):

  • The Most Perfect Hunt

  • Legion (2010):

  • Divine Timeout

  • Like a Moth to Angel Flame

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

  • Not With a Whimper, But a. . . .

  • To Get What You Want

  • And Not A Damn Was Given

  • The Shape of Gratitude

  • Paradise Interrupted

  • Lay Us Down to Sleep

  • Real Person Fiction:

  • Delving into the Right Headspace
  • Amelia Hunting
    If any of you in the Harry Potter fandom are looking for a monthly challenge for the month of May, but do not wish to participate in the MMoM/want something extra, hp_may_madness kicks off on the same day.

    Sign up info is here.
    09:07 pm, Saturday, April 28th, 2012 - Pimping: mmom
    Amelia Hunting
    mmom is getting ready to start in just over two days. If any of you were considering writing for the month of May, the sign up list and info are located here.

    I personally have always wanted to take a crack at it, since I've seen many a post pop up on my flist over the years. I'm not sure if I shall complete all 31 days of wanking, but I will give at least one story a try. lol

    Of course, this is banking on me not dying of embarrassment first. But of course, that's exactly why I'm doing it this year.

    Also! If any of you have any spare time on your hands and want to beta, please let me know. If not beta, if you see a posted fic and have time to spare me some drive-by constructive crit, I'd appreciate it. I'm almost always beta-less and I could use an extra pairs of eyes.

    Thanks and hope to see your posts in the coming month. :)

    04:12 am, Thursday, April 19th, 2012 - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!
    Amelia Hunting

    Throwing another pimping post on here, because the comm is lonely. :)

    guidedaxe is a community for those that are a fans of the Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges pairing. The community is brand new and could do with some breaking in.

    Hope to see you there. :)
    03:59 am, Saturday, April 14th, 2012 - New Comm: guidedaxe
    Amelia Hunting
    I know that I have mostly moved over to InsaneJournal, but I decided to create my Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges comm on LJ to take advantage of what I assume is a larger user base.

    If any of you are interested in the novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I encourage you to stop by.

    If you're not into slash, I encourage you to stop by and be converted. ;) Kidding.

    Anyway, the comm is ready to roll. Free pimps to your friends/flists is greatly appreciated.

    08:30 am, Monday, August 22nd, 2011 - Because I need more fic in my life
    Amelia Hunting

    Someone please go write some amazing Nico fic. Shall love you.
    06:17 pm, Friday, June 11th, 2010 - El Jay, you tricky monkey!
    LJ Shoot Themselves, fallslikeicarus_4
    So there I was, minding my own business and discreetly surfing my Friends' Page, when LJ nearly convinced me to come back by using lemurs! Even though I know that those user gifts are bad, because they track your online browsing, those darned lemurs are so freaking cute.

    Goddess help me.

    08:46 pm, Thursday, October 29th, 2009 - Star Trek Halloween... Finally!!!!!!
    fallslikeicarus_3, Fandom Fuck Your Shit Up
    I finally went out to snag a Halloween costume and what should I stumble upon? Trek costumes, of course. And... Michael Jackson, but this post isn't about him or vampires or race car drivers or any of that other stuff I didn't take pictures of.

    It's about Trek and our local contributions to starting the little ones on their lifetime journey of loving ST.

    <-- Is this your kid??? It should be!

    Cut to save your lists.Collapse )
    03:51 pm, Thursday, December 11th, 2008 - Haven't Done This in Ages
    Amelia Hunting
    I haven't been around to write even the tiniest bit. Both physically and emotionally. It's a whole thing that I need to get into, but don't actually have time to do so.

    A couple of things before I head out to work. Yesterday (Wednesday, December 10, 2008), I walked home in the SNOW with the biggest fucking smile on my face. We haven't had even small flurries for four years and it had been absolute ages before that. This go-round, the flurries were HUGE! Like the cliche, snow-deprived Texan that I am, I saved a couple of the snowballs from our (mine and the neighbors') snowball fight in a food storage container in my freezer. I can't wait to show my mom, and anyone else that might happen to stroll by.

    I have been slowly eaten away from by plotbunnies for both fandom things and my own original fiction. It has long since been past time for me to write down some of the story lines that I've jotted down and/or continue to swim unreleased in my head. The fact that my flash drive containing damn near all of my jotting bits was stolen isn't helping the matter, but I'm trying not to dwell.

    I have, however, been drowning myself in Neopets, because I just love that site too damn much for my own good. There's work and Justin and just everything, but I really need to come back on a day when I can sit and write.


    Santa LetterCollapse )
    11:29 am, Saturday, November 29th, 2008 - Metro Bus Comment
    Amelia Hunting
    The 10:10 bus decided to show much earlier than scheduled, causing me to unnecessarily miss my bus. When I called Metro to complain, the call routing system took forever to misdirect my call. When I finally got a human on the line, she was thoroughly incompetent. She couldn't understand basic descriptions and I had to repeat myself until I was practically shouting. Once she managed to grasp the basics, she tried to convince me that the bus I saw couldn't have possibly been my bus and was in fact "some other bus."

    I continued to wait at the bus stop for the 10:10 bus that was supposedly coming, but I knew had already passed. Eventually, the 10:40 bus showed up, surprise, surprise, ten minutes early at 10:30. But instead of simply blowing past the stop like the 10:10 bus that went on its way at 10:00, it sat at the stop ahead of mine for ten minutes.

    Metro's continued inability to manage their own route schedules has long been an unjustifiably infuriating part of my daily life. I know that money is more important to Metro than actually servicing the bus riders that are keeping the company afloat, but this is ridiculous. The 44 Acres Homes bus has the tendency to show up whenever it feels like it, a point I have called and written in about for years. If the buses are simply unable to show up at the scheduled times, the schedules need to reflect this.

    It has long since passed merely "tiresome" for me to have to call my job and explain that I am late for my shift, because Metro is having yet another one of its daily Idiot Moments. There is absolutely no need for the bussing system to continue in its current state. It is not as though Metro lacks the funds to hire better customer support agents or bus operators, as the rates have been raised twice this year.

    Both the dissolution of the riding passes and the fare hike have severely impacted my wallet, as it has millions of other people. What I can't understand is what exactly my money is funding if not the same shamelessly terrible service Houstonians and visitors alike have to contend with on a daily basis. I routinely ride the same buses around the same time of day, with the same drivers who are always late, rude to the bus riders, and can never seem to stop speeding long enough to slow down at the actual stop.

    If this is what Metro is aiming for when its propaganda fervently insists that "Metro gets you there," then you've succeed. Congratulations.
    05:58 pm, Thursday, March 6th, 2008 - Because I am Black, I MUST vote for Barack Obama.
    Damn Not Given
    Crossposted from my InsaneJournal

    Note: I originally typed most of this up last night (Wednesday, March 5, 2008), but didn’t have a chance to double check or post it today. So, “last night” in this entry actually refers to Tuesday, March 4, 2008.


    At least that is what the media and the atmosphere of my local voting location insisted when I went in to vote last night. Not only was this sentiment a recurring theme of the day amongst the buttons, tee shirts, and stickers adorning the Obama supporters at my voting location, the candidate advertising signs lined along a narrow strip of grass that separates my former elementary school from the street screamed this absolute for all the world to see.

    Of course, this is not taking into account the lone older woman I saw holding a heavily damaged Hilary Clinton sign and information handouts, who looked close to spitting venom at having been given the least favorable assignment of the day. She pretended not to hear me when I asked for one of her handouts, so I asked again. She looked me over, passed me a glossy advert, and tossed a tired ‘We appreciate your vote’ in my general direction. Other than her, there wasn’t a single Hilary Clinton sign present among the temporary forest of support for Barack Obama and Bruce Mosier.

    It all amounted to this: I, Danielle, am a Black American. Therefore, I need not look elsewhere for another candidate, but instead should blindly step into line behind the first African-American male that presents the best chance that my people have ever had at reaching the White House's Oval Office. I should forget about any other candidate and what they have to bring to the presidency.


    Cut for lengthCollapse )


    9:19 P.M. - 10:06 P.M.
    11:42 pm, Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 - Voice Post
    Amelia Hunting
    751K 3:54
    (no transcription available)
    02:50 pm, Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 - Love you not, LJ.
    Damn Not Given
    Today is the final day that my Extra Icons feature will be active. Had the last year of LJ's stupidity not occurred, I would never have come this close to letting my extra icons lapse. As it were, they went apeshit and I went to InsaneJournal, whose paid accounts receive more icons by default than I receive from Extra Icons and "Loyalty Icons" combined.

    113 icons spaces.

    That's all the room I have to display some of the best, funniest, most interesting, and kickass artwork to be summed up in 100x100 pixels of whoa!.

    When you only have six, formally three, icon spaces to work with on a free account, it seems like all the room in the world. Sadly it isn't and even IJ's 250 default icon spaces will eventually be filled up if I stay on their site for three+ years, too.

    It kind of makes me sad to have a faraway deadline suddenly in my face. I put off transferring all of my icons over to IJ, because it's tedious work. Anyone who's changed journals could tell you so. Then, there was the not-even-believed-by-me dual-journal thing I was working with. To be completely honest, I hardly ever come by unless I’ve heard on IJ that something interesting had happened, I get an email about a news update and want to see what new shitstorm LJ is attempting to kick up, chase_jack needs an entry approved, or if I want to occasionally check on something. That's pretty much it.

    I didn't want to delete this account, because I have had it three+ years and it was paid up until this year. I also didn't want to waste my money by deleting an account I had plunked down hard-earned money to maintain.

    An extremely dramatic and corny part of me can't help but mentally compare this to watching a slow death. You know, how it's said that one sense goes first and then another and another until there's nothing left but darkness and a flat line. That's definitely how this comes across. The Paid status goes out at the beginning of next week. I do have to wonder if LJ somehow went back to the way it was, would I get my loyalty icons from my previous paid time back? I mean, it's only fair, because I was loyally paying to continue using the better features all of that time; and would have gladly continued to do so if LJ hadn't lost their shit.

    I'm guessing not, because New LJ's all about money and I'm pretty sure that they will simply say that more "Loyalty" spots would have to be earned. This is just as well, because loyalty to a company has to be earned from its user base. Looking at things now, I see LJ not only not being able to completely pulling it off, but not giving a damn to do so. That, makes me saddest of all.

    I just need to go double check that I have back ups for the pictures I have stored in LJ's laughable Scrapbook before my account expires. If I can avoid having to manually transfer anything else over, I will.

    09:08 pm, Thursday, December 6th, 2007 - Holiday Card Rollcall!
    Viktor&#39;s Broomstick
    So, I've been meaning to come and ask this for a while now, but I've had very little time online as of late.


    I'm asking now.

    Would anyone like to receive a holiday card from me? If so, leave your info in the comments of this entry. All comments are screened, so your info won't be outed. If that still makes you uncomfortable, you can email me at betagirl23 at yahoo dot com.

    Do let me know if you want my info in return.

    Also, I still have my address list from last year that I am going to work from. If you received a card from me last year and your information has changed, please let me know so that I don't send a card to the wrong address.


    11:51 am, Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 - Voice Post
    Amelia Hunting
    422K 2:09
    (no transcription available)
    07:26 pm, Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 - Drabble Time, folks!
    _snitchbitch_1, AaylaMasterVos
    From: pegasus_01

    The first 5 people to comment on this post get to request a drabble of their choosing from me. In return, they HAVE to post this in their journal. The rule is, don't ask unless you plan to pass it on! I reserve the right to request a different prompt, but name your fandom (or don't) and a phrase, situation, title...

    Areas I can, for the most part, easily write:

    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
    Final Fantasy VII
    Star Wars (-ish. I might need to look up who you're talking about, because it's so HUGE.)
    Stargate Atlantis
    Stargate SG-1
    Underworld (both movies)
    Kingdom Hearts (I and II. Haven't played Chain of Memories, yet.)
    Real Person Slash (if I know who they are.)
    Real Person Fiction (if I know who they are.)
    Original Fiction

    Anything else and I might have to look it up. All pairings are welcome and I'll even give your kinks a go as well. Just give me a word or idea to start with.

    06:07 pm, Monday, November 12th, 2007 - Holiday Wish List 2007!
    Blue Water Drop, evolve_________/2
    Well, since I came over to crosspost this to the sister community, I figured that I might as well stick this here as well.

    I did the holiday wish list again this year. It's located here over on InsaneJournal. The details and wishes are all on that post.

    If you have your own wish list post up and I missed them, feel free to drop me a link here.

    meret_1, Enemies Happy Birthday
    All right. I know that I don't fiction directly in my LJ anymore, because my IJ has taken its place and I post in my comms, but I'm not a member of any Rodney/John comms, so I posted where I could. : )


    ETA: Pfft! I forgot to add a summary for this fic. It's been a while and I had to absolutely rush to get this up. I thought I'd add that now. Hee.

    Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
    Title: Take My Hand, Friend, and Come With Me
    Author: dmitchell1985
    Rating: PG - for all of the swearing
    Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
    Warnings: None, really.
    Disclaimer: I don't own these dudes.
    Spoilers: Uhrm. Nothing major or current.
    Word Count: 2,407
    Summary: “Rodney snorted and asked how often these things could go wrong, because it really was mathematically impossible for things to go wrong a hundred percent of the time.”
    Author’s Notes: Cut for length :: Prompt from Chark for her birthday fic: Puddle JumperCollapse )


    Liek OMG! I can’t believe that I put Rodney and John alone! Together! I feel so dirty. ; ) ~Collapse )
    04:12 pm, Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 - Voice Post
    Amelia Hunting
    519K 2:41
    (no transcription available)
    12:01 pm, Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 - Scientific Facts to Support "The Crazy"?
    Amelia Hunting
    All right, so I'm writing this fic and I'm attempting to look through stuff on Google, but I wanted a second opinion on anything I might find.

    I need to kill bugs. Not just bugs on the ground, but bugs that burrow into people's brains to lay their eggs.

    Cut, because I go on from here.Collapse )
    06:07 pm, Thursday, November 1st, 2007 - Aloha!
    Fandom Supporter
    Okay, so the random mini freak out I had about switching over to Hanson slash for Nano blew away as soon as I put pen to paper this morning. I blame the Nano comms I visited in the last couple of days. I was pretty calm about the upcoming Nano festivities, with the exception of the fact that I could start writing yet.

    Since I have started writing, I truly do think that the first couple is going to be easiest to write. It's Rodney/Radek, so it'll pretty much write itself. Mostly, I'm introducing my Rodney and explaining why he chose Radek first.

    The hp_halloween drabbles were posted yesterday to celebrate the holiday. I didn't post it here, so I'm going to go ahead and do that now.

    This is the drabbles that I wrote. I tried to get in as much of wild_huntress' request as I could using only 200 words. It's Remus-centric with a pre-slash-if-you-look vibe featuring Sirius. Feel free to have a looksee.

    This is the double drabble I received. I'm going to have to request Neville/Luna more often. I just love them so. The drabble's hella funny, so I do suggest that you take a gander at it and leave a little hello.

    Right now, I need to go answer email, because they've piled up in only a day. I also need to:

  • Type up my Nano bit for the day.

  • Go do Neopets for the day.

  • Cross post my drabble to my IJ.

  • Oy! I think that I might just bury my head somewhere and do a whole bunch of nothing.

    11:15 pm, Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 - Naked Danielle!, Writing, Bra's hurt!, and General Babble
    indigochild76_3, Aragorn/Arwen
    1014K 5:06
    (no transcription available)
    07:10 pm, Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 - 50 Ronon/Rodney Drabbles For Your Enjoyment!
    silvarbelle_7, Jack&#39;s Glee
    So. . .

    The drabbles I'm sure I've mentioned here occasionally are finally finished. I crammed fifty of these things into approximately 30 days, because I wanted to finish before Nano. I also wanted to get myself into the habit of writing something every day, because it's damned hard to go from writing next to nothing to 50K in 30 days.

    Yes, I already know there is no way in hell that I am going to finish, but that's supposed to be my goal. Anyway, here is my completed table. All of the links head over to InsaneJournal and directly to the entry cuts.

    Please be scrolling up (or down, as some of the cases are) to check out the spoiler and warnings notes. Some of these drabbles are squicky, but most are harmless. I have to admit that the squicky set of three are my favorite ones, the second one being solid gold! I will one day have to write that drabble out into a full length fic. = D

    001. Air. 002. Earth. 003. Fire. 004. Water. 005. Spirit.
    006. Alone. 007. Babble. 008. Blood. 009. Candles. 010. Cat.
    011. Claim. 012. Content. 013. Dance. 014. Daydreaming. 015. Devious.
    016. First Date. 017. Ecstatic. 018. Enemies. 019. Family. 020. Friends.
    021. Lovers. 022. Strangers. 023. First. 024. Last. 025. Forgive.
    026. Gloomy. 027. Hairbrush. 028. Incense. 029. Hours. 030. Interest.
    031. Kinky. 032. Legend. 033. Eternal. 034. Making Dinner. 035. Moon.
    036. Sun. 037. Mortality. 038. Sin. 039. Virtue. 040. Phoenix.
    041. Pounce. 042. Road Trip. 043. Shooting Star. 044. Sick. 045. Time.
    046. Silence. 047. Sleeping In. 048. Surprised. 049. Temper. 050. Woods.

    Also, I checked with one of my comms and they said there was a fic based on this picture. Does anyone know which one they are talking about? I'd love to take a gander at it.

    Amelia Hunting
    491K 2:30
    (no transcription available)
    02:24 pm, Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 - SGA Renewed for Season Five? Aww, man!
    pellmelody_1, Bitter Stargate Fans
    NOTE: This entry contains general spoilers for "Stargate Atlantis." The spoilers do wander all over the place, so do read with caution.


    Okay, so I already mentioned how I'm not exactly fond of the new SGA. Well, it seems that New SGA has been renewed for a fifth season. I am well aware of the fact that this makes me a "bad Stargate fan," but I was kind of hoping that they wouldn't be.

    Cut for length and general series spoilers.Collapse )

    Anyway, I have drabbles to type and post, and possibly even a bit of roaming to do today. I also need to crosspost this over to IJ, since that is technically my fandom journal these days. It simply made it here first, because I was answering comments here and I knew that everyone and their mothers would be chatting about it here.


    I hope that everyone's day is going well.

    02:42 pm, Monday, October 22nd, 2007 - New SGA Makes Danielle A Bitter Bitch
    pellmelody_1, Bitter Stargate Fans
    Am I the only one this makes ill? Not the entry itself, but the Ronon spoiler it links to. Ugh.

    Cut because it discusses the Ronon spoilerCollapse )

    So I did see all of the comments for my fic list help entry and I'll have to go through them. There was mucho fandom love to enjoy. If only I didn't have yucky Keller-related horribleness to ruin my day.

    Anyway, I have ten drabbles to type up and I'll probably post six today. It was supposed to be three before work and three after, but I got screwed over.


    My favorite.

    Bitterly yours,

    08:25 pm, Sunday, October 21st, 2007 - Voice Post
    Amelia Hunting
    865K 4:26
    (no transcription available)
    06:10 pm, Saturday, October 20th, 2007 - Voice Post
    Amelia Hunting
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    (no transcription available)
    04:07 pm, Friday, October 19th, 2007 - Help?
    indigochild76_6, Thinking Violet
    Okay. I was just thinking about this last night after I had already left, but I'm going to need help in a MAJOR way for the Nano idea I've come up with. It was originally supposed to an original fic or poetry or something, but that fell by the wayside.

    Now, it's going to be all of these characters that I've never written before in relation to Rodney, even though I have a sort of feel for the way I want to write them. The part that is going to get me is how they come across in fanon and what tidbits I don't know about most of these folks. I wanted to figure out what works about them and what doesn't. For instance, is there a little quirk that people put into their fics (and art) that everyone adores? Or, is there an annoying trait that no one likes to see attached to a certain character?

    These are the questions I'm now asking fandom, because Danielle is clearly going to need a ton of help here. True, there's no way in hell I am going to finish this story in 31 days, but I want to commit to writing a fic like this and seeing it through to the end, even if it takes me an entire year to write.

    So, my question is this, what is your favorite fic featuring the characters I am going to list paired with *drum roll* Rodney? And I don't just mean you really liked the story, I mean your favorite as in it was what made you like the pairing in the first place, brought you into the SGA fandom altogether, or presents the characters and their relationship so well, that it could actually be plausible. I am talking about the best fics of all time that reminded you exactly why you are so committed to your pairing.

    Also these two bits:

  • I checked SGA storyfinders, and I didn't get a bite back on my fic search. Does anyone know the name of the Impotent!Ronon/Confuzzled!Rodney fic where they still have loads of great sex despite the lack of Ronon being able to get and maintain an erection? -- Thanks aurora_84! It was Satisfaction by hth_the_first.

  • Does anyone have a list of just SGA characters? I need to find folks that aren't transitory, like the crew of the ships. I need people that can stay around for at least a solid month. I am hoping that if I can get such a list, I can look through Gateworld's database and figure something out.
  • -- Thanks malnpudl and sgafan33!

    These are the folks I need the stories featuring:

    Carson Beckett
    Elizabeth Weir
    John Sheppard
    Teyla Emmagan
    Ronon Dex
    Chuck the Tech
    Peter Grodin
    Kate Heightmeyer
    Radek Zelenka
    Miko (last name assumed to be "Kusanagi")
    Katie Brown
    Aiden Ford
    Samantha Carter

    Any and all help would be appreciated on this. I'll offer drabbles to everyone that participates, because I don't even know where to start looking for the very best fics with only two weeks left to go in outlining and so forth. Why didn't anyone ever tell me how much work goes into Nano before you start writing??? Especially if you don't write longer fics, much less use outlines???

    </ whining >

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